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ISLAM: Basis - Past - Present - Future


Main Chapters

 2   Prophet Mohammed's Struggle for a Better Life for All
 3   Text, Language, Dialect and Interpretation of the Koran
 4   The Divine Right to Rule
 5   Compiling the Koran: Hadiths (Traditions) State the Underlying Reality
 6   Caliph Uthman's Rearrangement of the Chronological (as revealed) Koran's Chapters
 7   Prophet Mohammed's Word of Allah and the Voice of the Ruling Elite
 8   Muslims and Jews
 9   Church and State, Government and Religion: Judaism, Christianity and Islam
10   Church and State, Government and Religion: Religion, Government and Education
ISBN 978-0-85192-053-5  Paperback  185 pages  
GBP 31.70  

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