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God and People:
The Social Laws and Social System Underlying Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Democracy


Main Chapters
 2   The Real World in which We Live
 3   The God-given Human Rights, Social Laws, Social System
 4   Struggle for Freedom, Liberty and Independence: The Social Cause-and-effect Relationship
 5   Family, Community, Sex and the Individual
 6   The Meaning of Genesis
 6.1   Creation, Evolution and the Origin of Evil
 6.2   Pre-flood Evils and the Social Problems of Our Time
 6.3   Morality, Sexual Behaviour and Depravity
 6.4   Nephilim, Dominance and Liberty
 6.5   Differentiating Between Good and Evil
 6.6   Meaning and Significance of the Names of God in Genesis
 6.7   Meaning and Intent of Genesis: Essential Notes on Hebrew Grammar
 6.8   Bible Translations, Codes and Hidden Information in Bible and Talmud
ISBN 978-0-85192-054-2  Paperback   263 pages  
GBP 57.40  

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