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Cooperatives and Cooperation:

Causes of Failure, Guidelines for Success


Main Chapters

 1   Overview
 2   Cooperatives and Cooperation
 3   Causes of Failure, Guidelines for Success
 4   Work and Pay
 5   Individual Case Studies
 5.1   Trustee Savings Bank
 5.2   Credit Unions
 5.3   Building Societies
 5.4   Co-operative Retail Services Ltd
 5.5   Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd
   The Co-operative Bank PLC
   Co-operative Insurance Society Ltd
 5.6   John Lewis Partnership plc
 5.7   Mondragon Co-operatives
 5.8   Kibbutzim (Plural of 'kibbutz')
 6   Using Words to Communicate Effectively
ISBN 978-0-85192-056-6  Paperback   200 pages  
GBP 33.80  

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