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The Real World in Which We Live:

The Social Rules and Social System under Which We Suffer, Struggle, Survive and Prosper


Main Chapters

 2   Ownership and Limited Liability
 3   Community and Public Ownership
 4   Ownership and Deciding Policy: Companies, Shareholders, Directors and Community
 5   Multinational Summits and Agreements, Top-level Decision-making and Democracy
 6   Exporting and Importing of Employment and Unemployment
 7   Transfer Pricing and Taxation
 8   Creating, Patenting and Marketing of New Forms of Life
 9   What People are Struggling Against: How Society is Organised for Controlling and Exploiting People
 10   Democracy Under Attack: Top-level Leadership and Decision-making
 11   Taxing the Population for Private Profit
 12   Corrupted Economics and Misguided (Misleading) Experts
 13   Using Words to Communicate Effectively
 14   The Will to Work: What People Struggle to Achieve
ISBN 978-0-85192-058-0  Paperback   264 pages  
GBP 59.80  

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