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Towards a Better Future


Main Chapters

 2.1   Multinational (Global) Operations
 2.2   Government, Management and Leadership
 2.3   Work and Pay
 2.4   Effective Communication
 2.5   Unacceptable Costs and Risks
 2.6   Real-world Problems; The Human Brain and the Human Mind; Life and Living
 2.7   Religion, Government and People; Church and State
 2.8   Financial Crisis 2008: Causes and Solutions
 3.1   Quotable Quotes about Democracy in the Real World
 3.2   Quotable Quotes about Judaism
 3.3   Quotable Quotes about Christianity
 3.4   Quotable Quotes about Islam
 4   Press Notices about the Works of Manfred Davidmann
ISBN 978-0-85192-063-4  Paperback   309 pages  
GBP 21.00  

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