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Teachings bring together in one place relevant material on specific subjects, drawn from Manfred Davidmann's published works. His comprehensive and detailed reports explore their subject in depth and generally in advance of current knowledge. So summaries of their main findings have been included in the teachings, where appropriate.

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Manfred Davidmann

Manfred Davidmann is an internationally well-known and respected scientist and consultant, and author of a number of books and reports which have had and are having considerable impact, playing their part in improving the quality of life and the standard of living, worldwide. His work usually breaks new ground and opens up new understanding and is written in meaningful and easily understood language. Outstanding is that his work is generally accepted as factual, objective and unbiased. His work changed and is changing the way in which people live, think and behave.

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Short Descriptions

Title   Description
Multinational Summits and Agreements, Top-level Decision-taking and Democracy     Describes how secretive top-level multinational meetings and agreements (such as GATT and MAI) negate democratic government and decision-taking. Shows that publicity about what is being planned or taking place is an effective deterrent.
Ownership: Summary     Ownership means control, means decision-taking. This short review covers where the right to ownership comes from and how it is exercised. Ownership of land, means of production, and wealth. Ownership in relation to incomes, need, and human rights.
Social Responsibility and Accountability: Summary   Outlines basic causes of socially irresponsible behaviour and ways of solving the problem. Statement of aims. Public demonstrations and protests as essential survival mechanisms. Whistle-blowing. Worldwide struggle to achieve social accountability.
Work and Pay: Summary   Concise summary review of whole subject of work and pay, in clear language. Covers pay, incomes and differentials and the interests and requirements of owners and employers, of the individual and his family, and of the community.
Democracy, Socialism and Communism:
The Worldwide Struggle for a Better Life
  Exposes what people are struggling against, the secretive manipulations of bureaucracy, oppressors and exploiters.

Shows that underlying Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the same fundamental benevolent and egalitarian social laws and social system which also underlie Democracy, Socialism and Communism.

They were replaced in each religion, by the hierarchies (bureaucracies), with 'man-made', ruler- and hierarchy-serving, obedience demanding, protest silencing, indoctrination.

Covers dominance and confrontation within the family and in the working environment.

Shows how the media are being used for 'social engineering', for turning the struggle of the working population into 'self-defeating' directions, into scoring 'own goals'.
The World at War!
Multinational (Global) Operations, and Government Of, By, and For the People:
Democracy under Attack: The Struggle for the Right to take the Decisions, and for Social Accountability
  National income and expenditure, sharing out the tax burden, who benefits at whose cost. Considers extent to which elected governments serve and subsidise their own elites and multinationals (global corporations and organisations), at the expense of their own citizens (population).

And about dominance, conflict, confrontation. Considers the hidden faces of financial crises and recessions.

Comprehensive and factual, in plain, clear, meaningful language.
Quotable Quotes about Democracy in the Real World   The struggle for the right to take decisions. Manipulated elections. Secretive top-level multinational meetings and agreements. Misuses of economics, statistics and experts. Human rights, social responsibility, social costs and much more.
Quotable Quotes about Judaism   Original benevolent social teachings and system. Later man-made changes. Human rights. Quoting out of context. Warm traditions and practices. Different branches competing with each other for influence and power.
Quotable Quotes about Christianity   Original teachings, later changes. Genesis and evolution. What Jesus taught, origins of Christianity. Social teachings. Family. Planetary danger. Roman Catholic Church's social policies.
Quotable Quotes about Islam   Original teachings, later changes, official doctrine, divine right to rule. Islam's past and present problems and its future. Fundamental insights, basic causes, overcoming problems.
Judaism, Christianity and Islam (Church and State, Government and Religion)   Shows that underlying Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the Pentateuch's benevolent and egalitarian social laws and social system. Reveals for each religion the controversies and conflicts between church and state, between beliefs and practice. See 'Press Notices'.
Religion, Government and Education   Illustrates conflicting aims and interests of state and church with reference to teaching evolution (creationism) and teaching immorality (state-condoned promiscuity). Relative authority of Bible, common law, case law, religious leaderships, judges.
Social Concept (Policies) of the Russian Orthodox Church   Reviews the Russian Orthodox Church's social and church-state policies. The church is shown to be quoting out of context from Paul's letter to the Romans, in relation to what seems to be a central core teaching on Christian church-state relationships.
Social Policies (Doctrine) of the Roman Catholic Church: An Evaluation   The essential and fundamental social doctrines are evaluated in plain and meaningful language. About important principles of faith in relation to globalisation and benevolent church-state-people policies. Aims of the Church's doctrines and the consequences for Catholics. Challenging decisions are needed.
Creationism and Intelligent Design, Evolution, Education or Indoctrination   Conflicts have arisen because parts of Genesis have been mistranslated or misinterpreted.

The 'Creationism' hypothesis apparently assumes that the resulting erroneous text correctly states God's deeds. And the 'Intelligent Design' hypothesis apparently assumes that the same erroneous text correctly states the deeds of some other supernatural being.

Manfred Davidmann's research and discoveries showed and proved that the source text of Genesis corresponds in the major steps to the order in which the earth and life are known to have been formed and developed. Described is the formation of the earth and early plant life, and evolution by the 'survival of the fittest'. The evolution from reptilian to mammalian instincts, feelings and behaviour is clearly stated, as is the evolution and corresponding behaviour, feeling and thinking of human beings from humanoids (animals resembling humans) through Homo erectus (early man) to Homo sapiens (human beings, ourselves). {5}

There is no conflict or contradiction between what is recorded in the source Genesis text and our scientific knowledge about evolution of human beings and of our planet.
The Global (Worldwide) Struggle for a Better Life
The Root of all Evil, the Source of All Good, and the Messianic Struggle
  Combines major advances in human knowledge and key findings, from Manfred Davidmann's published works and teachings, into a comprehensive but detailed overview of the life we lead, of life's problems and struggles, of the (worldwide) struggle for a better life, and of the Messianic struggle of good against evil.


Management, leadership, and government.
Democracy, participative decision-making and globalisation.

How the human brain functions.
The workings of the human mind and of human group minds.
Group Mind Theory, Group Mind Science.

Original meaning and intent of Pentateuch, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
Teachings of Moses, Jesus and Mohammed.
State and church, government and religion.

To expose humanity's innermost secrets, to lay bare the
causes of the worldwide struggle for a better life, and the
causes of worldwide Messianic struggle for a better life,
to expose the root of evil to the light of day.

To show how to create
a good and secure life for our families and
for all people
in this life here and now.
Faith and Trust in God,
No Matter by What Name called

  A statement of belief and request for support and aid, to God no matter by what name called, in the worldwide struggle for a better and more secure life. Combined with a description of mutual responsibilities and care, of corresponding guidance and protection.

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