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Manfred Davidmann is an internationally well-known and respected scientist and consultant, and author of a number of books and reports which have had and are having considerable impact. His work usually breaks new ground and opens up new understanding and is written in meaningful and easily understood language. Outstanding is that his work is generally accepted as factual, objective and unbiased.

More than 6,5 million copies of his reports have been downloaded from the Solhaam website so far and have changed the way in which people live, think and behave.

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'Management and Leadership, Fear and Reward Motivation'

  Authoritarian Participative
Manager's Job Managers do as they are told, transmit orders.

Work (responsibility) is delegated.

Work can be a source of satisfaction (voluntarily performed) or punishment (avoided) dependent on controllable conditions (manager and management).

Decision Taking

Decisions are taken at the top.

Participation in decision taking at all levels.

Fear motivation.

Reward motivation.


See report
Role of Managers under Different Styles of Management
from which this theme's information was extracted.

Also see
Style of Management and Leadership
Motivation Summary,

Short Descriptions

Title   Description
Role of Managers under Different Styles of Management   Short summary of the role of managers under authoritarian and participative styles of management. Also covers decision making and the basic characteristics of each style.
Style of Management and Leadership   Major review and analysis of the style of management and its effect on management effectiveness, decision making and standard of living. Measures of style of management and government. Overcoming problems of size. Management effectiveness can be increased by 20-30 percent. See 'Press Notices'.
Motivation Summary   Reviews and summarises past work in Motivation. Provides a clear definition of 'motivation', of the factors which motivate and of what people are striving to achieve.

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