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Manfred Davidmann is an internationally well-known and respected scientist and consultant, and author of a number of books and reports which have had and are having considerable impact, playing their part in improving the quality of life and the standard of living, worldwide. His work usually breaks new ground and opens up new understanding and is written in meaningful and easily understood language. Outstanding is that his work is generally accepted as factual, objective and unbiased.

7 million copies of his reports have been downloaded from the Solhaam website so far, and have changed and are changing the way in which people live, think and behave.

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'Men and Women, Family and Children; Dominance, Oppression and Exploitation'

We are here dealing with the root causes of our major social problems, showing how to resolve the problems by dealing with their basic causes.

Family and Children

200 million years of evolution are behind us, from reptilian beast through mammalian animal to human being. Human beings are mammals and we are unique in that our children need protecting and bringing up in a humane, emotionally and mentally stimulating environment for between 18 and 25 years, to enable them to mature into socially responsible adults. Men and women co-operate with each other and look after each other and their children, within the family, to achieve this.

The family looks after the interests of all its members, as individuals as well as collectively. Members of a family stand by, support and help each other in times of need.

This gives great strength to each member of the family in the struggle for daily bread, security and happiness. Hence human beings work primarily for their family and the family is the basic unit of society.

Men and Women

Co-operation between men and women, within the family and as equals, would seem to be essential when bringing up their children under modern conditions of rapid change at an accelerating rate of change.

It is women who generally look after the young and other family members as people. This is the key role within the family and it occupies women full-time for some years if it is to be done well, and for more years on an at least part-time basis.

But we live much longer and the time spent full-time at home looking after the family places women at a disadvantage when returning to work outside the family after the children have been brought up. So women need to be supported when returning to work.

The family compensates women for the life-long effects of their contribution towards the upbringing of the children. It is the role of the spouse, of the husband, to continue to provide for the family. A life-long contribution from him which means she does not lose out for the rest of her life because she stayed at home to look after the children, the husband's input into the family balancing her input of bringing up the children and looking after the family's members.

Women, after children have grown up and with the family's backing, can choose work outside the family to fulfil themselves as pay is less important for a second income.

It is largely women who, caring for the welfare of the community, are generally the prime movers in self-help, support, protest and pressure groups, pushing forward also with other social and welfare issues.

Such work and public demonstrations and protests on such issues, are now an essential survival mechanism under beginning-of-twentyfirst-century conditions.

A key characteristic which distinguishes human beings from animals is that we can control the sex urge. Sex is habit-forming and addictive but can be controlled when the will is there, when the individual is motivated to control it.

In the USA steps are being taken to halt and reverse the increasing corruption of their communities by teaching the young the gains to be achieved by abstaining from sexual activity outside marriage.

There are ways of teaching social responsibility, of teaching the young how to take responsibility for others, how to care for, work with and look after other people. Social responsibility, the caring, giving and sharing with others, the taking on of responsibility for others including conflict management, can be and is being taught.

Dominance, Oppression and Exploitation

When one member of a family dominates others, then competition, conflict and struggle replace co-operation and teamwork. Dominance weakens all the family's members, robbing them of emotional and economic support, and so makes it easier to exploit them through their needs. All the family's members suffer as a result.

In the working environment we see a world-wide struggle to achieve a humane way of life, each family, person or community struggling to advance at their own level of development, struggling against those who wish to dominate, exploit, oppress. A struggle whose successful outcome depends on trustful co-operation, companionship and teamwork.

We know that dominating does not work in normal circumstances. Authoritarian organisations are much less effective than participative ones. In authoritarian organisations morale is low, people cease to care and tend to work against each other instead of co-operating with each other for the benefit of the organisation. Which applies equally well to a family.

Strength to resist oppression and exploitation comes from men and women co-operating with each other and so men and women struggle together to achieve a better life, a humane way of living and of government, and social security.

Human rights are based on controlling primitive dominating behaviour, on concern, care and affection for our young and our families, for people and for our communities. Human rights express themselves in co-operation and teamwork between men and women to achieve a good life of high quality.

It is in democracies that a high standard of living has been achieved. In democracies people can struggle openly for a better life but we see that what has been gained has to be defended and extended.


See report
Family, Sex and the Individual; Women's Liberation, Feminism and Community
from which this theme's information was extracted.

Also see
Democracy, Socialism and Communism:
The Worldwide Struggle for a Better Life
Style of Management and Leadership,
How the Human Brain Developed and How the Human Mind Works

Short Descriptions

Title   Description
Family, Sex and the Individual; Women's Liberation, Feminism and Community   This report investigates casual sex and its effects on individuals, family and community. It examines the role of the family in bringing up children and relates dominance and confrontation within the family to that in the working environment. See 'Press Notices'.
Democracy, Socialism and Communism:
The Worldwide Struggle for a Better Life
  Exposes what people are struggling against, the secretive manipulations of bureaucracy, oppressors and exploiters.

Shows that underlying Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the same fundamental benevolent and egalitarian social laws and social system which also underlie Democracy, Socialism and Communism.

They were replaced in each religion, by the hierarchies (bureaucracies), with 'man-made', ruler- and hierarchy-serving, obedience demanding, protest silencing, indoctrination.

Covers dominance and confrontation within the family and in the working environment.

Shows how the media are being used for 'social engineering', for turning the struggle of the working population into 'self-defeating' directions, into scoring 'own goals'.
Style of Management and Leadership   Major review and analysis of the style of management and its effect on management effectiveness, decision making and standard of living. Measures of style of management and government. Overcoming problems of size. Management effectiveness can be increased by 20-30 percent. See 'Press Notices'.
How the Human Brain Developed and How the Human Mind Works   This report gives a clear appreciation of what happens during a night's sleep and explains the role of dreaming and the meaning of dreams. The functioning and role of the two halves of the human brain are related to the functioning and control of the autonomic nervous system and the immune system. The report also indicates how human behaviour is affected by the primitive instincts of our reptilian ancestors. See 'Press Notices'.

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